About the Chat

xat Game is the official xat.com chat (owned by xat administrators) dedicated purely to multiplayer game “races” and card games provided by xat.

The first official game chat came in July/August of 2012. The chat was called Doodlerace, and provided only the Doodlerace game, which at the time was the only xat game of its kind. It was the first game to automatically give prizes and allow more than 2 players to play.

More game powers were made, and chats were made for them as well. Matchrace, Snakerace, Spacewar, Hearts, and Switch.

These chats quickly died out and became unused, which is when Games was founded by Charlie (around October 2012). Managed by Charlie, Spell, and Jesse at the time, the chat became a popular spot on xat for winning prizes. Eventually a lack of funding caused the chat to lose its popularity and it eventually relocated to Game in early 2013, and became 100% official.

Today, Game is managed by Raven.

Game is a chat for all of xat’s games: Doodlerace, Matchrace, Snakerace, Spacewar, Hearts, Switch, Darts, and zWhack. It is also used for gamebans: Snakeban, Spaceban, Matchban, Mazeban, Codeban, and Slotban.