xat.com/Game is an official xat.com chat group created for playing xat gameraces, card games, gamebans, and FEXGames. Below is a description of all of the xat games, gamebans, and FEXGames.


Doodlerace: Doodlerace is the first xat gamerace to be created. It is a game in which users draw a specific topic (announced by GameBot at the beginning of each round.) At the end of a designated drawing period, users rate each others’ doodles by voting them 1-5 stars, depending on the quality of the doodle. At the end, the user with the highest vote score wins.

Matchrace: Matchrace, based off of the popular gameban Matchban, is a matching game. To win, users must drag rows and columns of xat smilies and symbols to match 3 or more of the same smiley. The more smilies you match, the higher your rocket will blast off. The first user to blast off to a specific height (varying depending on the level) will win.

Snakerace: Snakerace is another gamerace based off of a gameban (Snakeban.) In Snakerace, users must use arrow keys to control a snake around a screen, eating a certain number of apples, without hitting the wall or “eating” their own snake. The first user to eat a specific number of apples without dying wins the round. Note that Snakerace is the only game that requires users to have the power in order to play.

Spacewar: Spacewar is often confused with the gameban Spaceban, although both games have completely different objectives. In spacewar, users search on a space grid to find other users’ hidden planets. Moons help to indicate where some other planets may lie on the board. Occasionally you will see the winner being determined by survival time, but usually the winner is the user who gets the most kills, regardless of their death time.

Hearts: Hearts is the first of two card games on xat. It is played the same way as regular Hearts is played in real life. In Hearts, users must try to send other users hearts cards, and the user with the least amount of hearts wins the round (unless one user collects all hearts, then that user wins.)

Switch: Switch, like Hearts, is a card game and is based off of a real life card game popular in the UK. This is a game where users have to play cards matching the suit or number of the most recent card played. To fit its name, there is an importantly strategic switch play users can play by playing a black queen (this will allow users to swap hands with another player.)

Darts: Darts is the newest xat game. In Darts, users must click the mouse to shoot darts at spinning targets, without hitting the xat “xavi” man or missing the board. Once all darts are shot, users advance to a new level, which is faster and harder. Hitting the “xavi” man or missing the board results in the loss of a “life,” once all lives are lost, the user is out of the game. Which ever user loses all their lives with the highest ending score will win the game.

zWhack: In this whack-a-mole style game, users use their mouse to “whack” zombies coming out of graves in a graveyard! There are 3 different types of zombies, all worth different points. Some are difficult to hit, others are easier.


Snakeban: Snakeban is a gameban that has users play as a snake. Users control the snake by using the arrow keys on their keyboard. The goal in the game is to eat all the apples. Be careful not to eat yourself or crash into the wall!

Spaceban: Spaceban is a gameban that allows users to play as a rocket. When you are the rocket, you must destroy all the moons. Users can shoot the moons with spacebar and you can move the rocket with the arrows on your keyboard. But, if you crash into a moon, you must start over.

Matchban: Matchban is a gameban that doesn’t require a keyboard, instead it is played with a mouse. Matchban is a “matching” game where players have to move the smilies around to make them match. The more smilies matched, the higher the rocket will move. However if there are no matches for a period of time, the rocket will start to move down.

Mazeban: Mazeban is a gameban that requires a keyboard and nothing else. You are a smiley, trying to finish a maze. You can control the smiley with your arrow keys on your keyboard, try not to get stuck in the maze though! It may be hard to find your way out. Once you finish the maze, the gameban is complete.

Codeban: Codeban is a gameban that requires a mouse. Once you get codebanned you must use your mouse to select the correct sequence by decrypting the code.

Slotban: Slotban is based off of slot machines. In Slotban, users try to match or exceed the target number of points (determined by the length of the gameban.) Slotban is a luck game, in which users click the slot handle to test their luck and see how many points the slot machine scores them. Clicking over and over again to eventually meet the target points will result in the user finishing the gameban.


Hangman: When the game starts, users have to guess a word. The word to guess is represented by a row of dashes. The number of dashes is determined by the number of letters of the word to guess. If the guessing player guesses a letter which occurs in the word, the bot writes it in all its correct positions. If the guessed letter does not occur in the word, the player loses 1 life out of 7 lives. The game is over when:

  • The player completes the word correctly without using all lives.
  • The player runs out of lives.

Madgab: The bot gives you a puzzle that contains small words, that when put together, make a phrase. Example: “These if hill wore” when pronounced quickly sounds like “The Civil War.”

Scramble: The bot will give you a set of random letters, which, when rearranged, will form a word.

Trivia: The bot asks you a random question, and you have to answer it correctly to finish the game.

Random: The bot will give you a range of numbers, and you have to guess which number it chose. Every time you guess, the bot will tell you if the correct number is greater or less than your guess.

Typerace: The bot will give out a random phrase. The first user to type it with correct grammar and punctuation wins.

Simon Says: The bot tells the participating users in main chat to do an action such as sending a random smiley, tickling/PCing/PMing the bot and much more, but they only should do it when it says “Simon says” or they get eliminated.