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Clarification Regarding “Spamming” and “Flooding” Bot Commands

I have received questions as to what is defined as “spam” and “flood.” This also includes using bot commands. If the chat is quiet, flooding to try and make general conversation is allowed. Just be sure the user is posting reasonable content instead of little to no content in each message. Messages must be meaningful. EG: “Hello? Is anyone here?” “How do I play games?” “What is this chat about? Can anyone help me?” Staff may use their own discretion to determine what messages are considered spam/flood.

Now, regarding the use of bot commands: Using most commands to spam or flood the chat is prohibited too for silly commands such as !love, !latest, !pig, !price etc. and should not be used constantly, ESPECIALLY if it disrupts general chat activity. If users continue to use such commands, please tell them to private chat the bot either by verbal warning or kick, then ban for 1-2 hours if it continues in main chat depending on persistence. The ONLY types of commands that can be “spammed’ with in main chat are commands relating to games such as !hangman, !scramble, !madgab, etc. in main chat, as this is mainly a gaming chat. Please be more lenient when users are playing games that require the use of the bot. You may kick/ban to your own discretion if it disrupts general conversation, or just simply ask them not to use the command so often. Thank you and happy gaming!

If you have any suggestions, complaints, or just want to say hi, my FEXBot mail and my forum profile are always open so you can message me there if you do not see me in the chat!

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