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Doodlerace Rules: Re-Introduced and Clarified

This is a post from the old main owner Steven dating back to March 10, 2015. These rules are still relevant today.

Note: This post will be linked to the word “Doodlerules” on the chat, for future reference.

If you’ve been here for a while, you may remember my old “Doodlerules” blog post. It has came to my attention that the issues addressed in that long-removed post have started to appear once again, so I am here to once again clarify the rules regarding Doodlerace for prizes.

To start off, yes, it is possible to cheat in Doodlerace. We also do not fully understand the ranking system (though we recently completed an experiment and developed a fairly strong understanding of its basics). There is really no way to prevent this cheating, however, we can stop it, because it is usually pretty easy to detect.

Below are some rules that are not enforced at all times, but the staff can choose to enforce them (by notifying people in the scroll message) when prizes are available on Doodlerace, should issues arise:

  1. Writing your name in doodles when Doodlerules are turned on is not allowed.
  2. Writing symbols, such as drawing a smiley face or an X on your doodles so your friends can identify them is not allowed.
  3. Drawing off-topic doodles is not allowed.
  4. Asking for high ratings in doodles or on the chat is not allowed.
  5. Rating your friends, or alternate accounts high on purpose to force an unfair win onto someone is not allowed.

Now, to the staff, banning someone immediately for writing their name and winning is not fair; it is possible that this user won by a fluke, users not paying attention to their ratings, or users purposely rating someone high to intentionally sabotage them. Most of you know how to check for users using multiple accounts to verify suspicions. In the case that you think people are using friends, do not ban immediately after one offense; either somehow get solid evidence or wait for the issue to occur multiple times to be sure before banning.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to private chat an owner.

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