A question that is asked very frequently at Game is how to play games on users’ own chats.

To play games on your chat, you must call the GameBot. The GameBot is a bot created by that visits many chat rooms on request, to host games, and hold and distribute prizes.

To call the GameBot, you need to own at least 1 of the 8 game powers. You can purchase these powers in the power store or on xat’s trading chat. Note that you need a gamerace or card game power as opposed to a gameban power.

Once you own one of the game powers, you can go on the game app of the power you own. To do this, click the “Games” tab on the left hand side of the chat screen. Select the game you own. Then follow the instructions below.

  1. Say !bot – if you would like to specify a language for the GameBot, you can do so by using commands such as !bot en for an English GameBot. If you do not specify a language, the bot will be in English. Note: You need to be ranked a temp member or above in the chat to do this.
  2. Set the times and level. Say !times followed by a series of numbers. You can read the game wikis to find out exactly how to set times according to the game you want to play.
  3. Set the prize. If there are xats in the prizefund (use !prize command to check the prizefund) you can use commands like !prize 15 to set the prize to 15 xats, or !prize 2 days to set it to 2 days. The minimum prize per round is 10 xats or 1 day. If there are no prizes in the bot, you can donate some by transferring to it.
  4. Say !start and your game will begin!
  5. For card games, there is a more complex way to start the bots. Read the game wikis for information.

Note: By default, the minimum rank to start and control the games is temp member. However, if the game power is assigned in the chat and the controller rank is changed, only users who are that selected rank and above can CONTROL the game! They must also have the game power to apply these changes. Anyone with the game power can simply CALL THE GAMEBOT with the !bot command if they are ranked a temp member or above in the chat, but cannot CONTROL the game if a controller rank is set in the chat settings.