Qualifications to Host Events @ Game Chat

This post will list specific qualifications in order to be eligible to host events here @ Game chat:

  • You must speak fluent English, as Game chat is listed as an English chat and most of the participants speak English.
  • You must have good relations with the main owner + staff.
  • You must have a good reputation on xat (no violations of rules, no previous history of violating the terms of service, etc.).
  • You must show up at least 10-30 minutes before the scheduled time + day you agreed to host the event. If you know that you cannot make it, please let a staff member (or whoever you appointed the event with) know and you can reschedule your event.
  • The event must be fair/understandable for everyone.

Hosting your own events:

We generally trust staff members to host their own xat events for the chat, but when doing so, you are responsible for providing the necessary prizes for the event (xats/days/powers). Talk to the main owner to discuss what kind of contests you wish to host. It is recommended that you keep your prize with an owner until your event starts. If you are a member or lower and wish to host your own event, please let an owner know when you plan to start the contest so they can tempmod you if needed. Promoting your contest on the forum under “Contests and Events” is fine as well, but you should let the main owner know before doing so.

Hosting within a series of events:

For a series of events such as Halloween, Christmas, or General Weekend events, there will be a series of events on several days, and such contests will be posted on the forum. Anyone (including staff members) who plans to host their own event on a day of those series of events need to talk to the appropriate contest promoter to discuss the type of contest, what day and time they wish to host, and the prize. Contest promoters may budget for vacant slots, so it’s best to discuss in terms of the prize how many xats you will need to host your event. Any additional prizes you wish to add should be kept with an owner until the event starts.

IMPORTANT: When discussing what time to host a contest, it is advised that you plan it on a day and time you are available to do so. The best time to host contests are when everyone is awake, so we recommend that you plan to host at around 2PM – 7PM EST. Continuous failure to show up on time to the scheduled events you agreed to host, or hosting poorly/unfairly will result in ineligibility to host further events, as this reflects badly on the chat. If you are a staff member and continuously fail to show up on time to your appointed event or host poorly/unfairly, it could also warrant a demotion.

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