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Transition to HTML5

With the development of HTML5 on xat, several chats are choosing the setting to default the normal web address to HTML5 instead of Flash.

For example, this means that whenever someone goes to, it will take them to the HTML5 version of xat instead of Flash.

Am I still able to use the Flash version of xat?

Yes, with this new setting in effect, the Flash version of xat is still accessible. Just add ?old to the web address like

What about the gamebans?

After some users and I did some testing, I am aware that some of the gamebans will work in this new HTML5 format. Some others still need to be developed to accommodate for HTML5. If a gameban does not load, it is likely not developed. In this case, contact an Owner or refresh the chat twice to get unbanned by the FEXBot.

Final note: This default to HTML5 setting will go into effect effective July 1st, along with some other changes, such as chat background, bot display, and the bi-yearly reset.

Thank you and happy gaming fellow xatters!

The following gamebans are compatible with HTML5: Codeban, Spaceban, Snakeban.

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