Acceptance Speech

HelperNate’s promotional acceptance speech:

I have been an active member of Game chat since June 2016, and first became staff 3 months later. I have watched this chat host great contests, and was curious as to how to host contests of my own. Since then, I have taken the initiative to do so to help the chat get more popular, and have continued to do so through thick and thin.

Game chat was also the first xat official chat I ever volunteered my time to help out with. Becoming a staff member here has helped me to moderate not only this chat better, but future official chats in which I help at today.

Since I have seen some past main owners such as Steven, Chelly, as well as some other past staff members host contests relating to the chat, I eventually learned to do so of my own. I would have never achieved the knowledge to host contests without the help of Steven and Chelly. Back when they were still running the chat, I looked up to them upon taking initiative on my own, and they have introduced me to promoting my contests on the forum, and have encouraged me to become an active forum user as well. In Summer of 2017, I was Chelly’s faithful assistant to hosting contests in a series of events that she promoted on the forum. I learned a lot from hosting these contests alone, and how the whole process of budgeting, planning, promoting, and hosting work, and am proud to be her worthy successor. Much of my knowledge came from them, but based on that, I was able to figure out how to do the rest on my own.

With my experience enforcing the chat’s rules and my knowledge of hosting contests, it took some time, but it finally paid off when I got promoted to owner in September 2017 upon Chelly quitting xat and Steven going inactive. I was very grateful to accept such a role and continued to do the duties of this chat to the best of my availability despite the decline of users in the xat community. However, during this time, it was due to my contests alone that helped keep the chat populated. After I was unable to do so due to the nature of real life, the chat has decreased in daily users as well as those who shared a similar passion to keeping the chat up and running.

My persistence, dedication, and commitment to keeping the chat clean, enforcing rules, and hosting contests is what got me appointed as the chat’s new main owner today. As the main owner, I pledge to continue to do the above duties to the best of my knowledge and ability. I will answer all reports sent to me at my earliest convenience in a fair and balanced manner, demote inactive staff, promote appropriate new members, and be open to suggestion to make the chat a fun environment for all who enter. I intend to keep a majority of the chat’s old memories so that people can see what it was like, but also keep things as updated as possible as well. I am proud to serve as Game chat’s new main owner, but I also do not want to omit those who shared a similar passion to keep it a fun and enjoyable place in past years. In the unlikely event that I cannot continue serving my duties as main owner, I will be sure to appoint a worthy successor who shares a similar passion to keeping this place fun and enjoyable for all. Once again, I would like to thank Steven, Chelly, and all of my fellow supporters for making this possible. This would have never happened without all of your support.

**This agreement was terminated as of February 20th, 2023**