How to Operate Gamebot

This is a guide on how to use the gamebot in case you or staff are needed to operate it. Please keep this for future reference in case you forget.

To use with FEXBot:

To open a game: !app [Spacewar/Matchrace/Doodlerace/Snakerace/Darts/zWhack] EG: !app matchrace
To start the game: !say !bot, !say !times x x x, !say !prize x, !say !start
To stop the game: !say !stop, !say !bye
To close the app: !app close

To use WITHOUT FEXBot (requires game power):

To open a game: Open up the app of the game you wish to start
To start the game: !bot, !times x x x, !prize x, !start
To stop the game: !stop, !bye

Recommended times for games:

Spacewar: !times 600 1 20
Matchrace: !times 90 3 20
Doodlerace: !times 120 30 20
Snakerace: !times 60 5 20
Darts: !times 60 1 20
zWhack: !times 60 1 20

Normally the prize is 10 xats per round with 10 rounds total per game making the prizefund 100 less xats per game. It is your responsibility to keep track of the prizefund and what round of the current game the bot is on and to stop when appropriate. When it is time to transition to a new game, include a 1 minute break while using to make a poll and ask what game players wish to play next. Do not include already played games until all 6 games have been used. When there is 1 game left, that game by default is the next game.

NEW!┬áTry not to include Snakerace unless many users have the power to play. And also, Doodlerace tends to run the slowest compared to the other games, so don’t include Doodlerace in the game rotation unless several players are willing to play.

Doodlerace is buggy. When starting it, ask users what words they want to draw, as saying !start by itself will not give out 300 words as indicated.

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