Earning Ranks

Users do not pay or donate to earn member/mod/owner at Game. Instead they must work hard to earn their rank by showing dedication and trustworthiness.

What is required to earn ranks?

  • Users must be registered with xat.com – this is key
  • Users must speak conversational English as Game is predominantly an English chat room
  • Users must have a good history / background on xat
  • Users must follow all rules at all times and ensure that other users are doing so
  • Users must be active at least a few times a week

What will damage your chance of earning ranks?

  • Constantly getting kicked/banned (depending on reason)
  • Engaging negatively with users
  • Previous violations of the xat.com terms of service and/or this chat’s rules
  • Not being active in the chat
  • Unprofessional conduct in other chats (handled on a case-by-case basis)
  • Asking for rank – this is the easiest way to blacklist yourself from it

How are ranks determined?

  • Member is relatively easy to earn. All that’s needed is to follow rules, engage positively with users, and be active for about 1-2 weeks. Users who are often silent in the main chat will have less of a chance of earning member.
  • Members will be made temporary moderators based on need, and eventually permanent moderators based on performance.
  • Owner is one of the hardestĀ ranks to earn. Owners are exceptional helpers that have helped out the chat for a long time.
  • Owners are rarely made, and are made only when necessary.
  • Main owners are not currently being made, but when they are, they are chosen by the main owners and/or xat administrators.