Staff List

Name Regname xat ID Rank
Nathan HelperNate 21299 Main Owner
Enge Enge 1492586443 Owner 
Goku Goku 1000045 Owner
Katie ThePowerful1 417029306 Owner
Chris xxChris 1126101171 Moderator
Cool Coolingman 1161431081 Moderator
CSY CSYDesigns 101046080 Moderator
Dead Advertized 394432957 Moderator
Deff Sezenry 84065237 Moderator
Nikki XSweetPeaX 1528020296 Moderator
Raven xRavenette 544545627 Moderator
Robert RobFerrari 129030692 Moderator
Mystic xMystic 357142695 Moderator
Kary KARY 137919842 Trusted Member
Rui LRuil 1534302711 Trusted Member
Ryan Ryanferrari 955873054 Trusted Member
Volunteers List of Volunteers   Trusted Member

Note: The staff speak conversational English.

Color symbols:

Red = Inactive
Purple = Notified of prior absence
Royal Blue = Trusted Member
Amber = Main Owner / Owner