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Bug in Uno

Lately I have noticed that there is a bug in the FEXBot mode Uno which, in some cases, does NOT allow you to throw certain types of cards over another card of the same type in play.


Reverse Blue → Reverse Green

Draw2 Red → Draw2 Blue

Skip Yellow → Skip Red

After doing some play testing of the game, I found a way around this bug, which CAN allow you to throw cards of different colors over the same types such as Reverse, Draw2, and Skip. Here’s how:

You need another card in your hand that is eligible for play which matches the current card in play.

Bot hands out “only” eligible card to match Skip Red, which is the Wild card.

As you can see in this example, the FEXBot gave Bowserbot a matching card to match the Skip Red in play, which is a Wild card. To the FEXBot’s standards, that is the only eligible card that can be played, but alternatively, the color can be changed by throwing another “Skip” card, such as Skip Green.

A Skip Green can be played over Skip Red, since they are both the same type of cards, but it is only changing the color.

However, if the Wild card was NOT in Bowserbot’s hand, the FEXBot would skip over Bowserbot’s turn, as to FEXBot, there are no matching cards that can be played.

No other matching card to play according to the FEXBot, so it skips over to the next player.

In the picture above, according to the FEXBot, Reverse Blue can be played over 6 Blue since the color matches. However, after playing Reverse Blue, there are no other matching cards to be played based on how the FEXBot sees it.

What the FEXBot is looking for in Bowserbot’s hand is any cards that are Blue, or any Wild or Wild4 cards, but since the FEXBot has found no Blue nor Wild nor Wild4 cards, there are no matching cards based on the FEXBot’s findings, and it moves onto the next player.

Either card according to the FEXBot can be played, but ONLY because of the 2 Red.

In this final example above, the current card in play is Skip Red. In a 2 player game, playing a Skip card means the same player can play another card. Based on the FEXBot’s findings, the only eligible card in Bowserbot’s hand that can be played over Skip Red is 2 Red. However, in a normal Uno game, Skip cards of different colors can be played over one another.

Summary of this post: You CAN play Skip cards over other Skip cards of different colors, same with Reverse cards and Draw2 cards, but ONLY if you have at least ONE other card in your hand that matches the current card in play according to the FEXBot.

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