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xat Game staff interview: Robert

Our next interviewee is Robert!

Hi Robert! Thank you for your dedication to Game chat, and agreeing to be interviewed! I am going to ask you some questions regarding your experience at Game chat. Please answer as honestly as possible.

1. Tell us a little about yourself. What is your real name, where are you from, how old are you, and what are you studying?

My name is Robert, with Italian blood. I’m 28 years old, and I’m an industrial engineer, but I also dedicate myself to many extracurricular things.

2. When and how did you discover xat Game chat?

I discovered it in 2011 I think. A friend invited me here to play gamebans, although I already knew about this chat before coming.

3. What about Game chat stands out to you?
I’ve always loved the Game chat since I love playing gamebans, especially “Snakerace, Snakeban and Spaceban”, and currently the new FEXBot games such as Uno. PD: I also love to play Switch and Hearts so much.

4. What is your favorite/funniest memory shared in Game chat if you have one?
I have several memories, especially when I used to draw in the Doodle app in the contests and the users drew on it making it funnier. You can check some “screenshots” haha!

5. What do you think of the contests hosted here? Do you have any suggestions on how they can be improved?
I really like contests, but I honestly think that some of them should be less complicated and more dedicated to the community in general (such as Bingo for example) and not only specifically in English, (contests where a wider community can easily understand) so more users can enjoy them, and the chat Game can be more recognized than it is now.

6. Do you have any new contest ideas for xat that you would like to share to the public as of now?
Yes. One of them has always been Bingo or Lottery with two cards in the nick. But this would be easier to explain later in an open discussion.

7. What is your overall impression of Game chat?
Definitely great! I think it’s a good place to have fun playing games as long as you want.

8. Overall, how well are you treated as both a staff member, and a regular user at Game chat?
I’m fine with the treatment they give me. I really don’t have any complaints.

9. How long do you think you will stay active around Game chat?
I really don’t know, but regardless of that, I will be available whenever I can to support.

10. Where do you see the future of Game chat?
I have always had the vision of a good future for Game chat as long as new ideas remain active and evolve over time.

11. We have come to the end of this interview. Do you have any special message to end this interview?
Yes, I really just want to say that when you visit the Game chat, just enjoy it, have fun, play, and if you don’t understand any game, try to learn it because they are so funny, and many people ignore this.

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