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xat Game staff interview: Raven

Our first interviewee is Raven!

Hi Raven! Thank you for your dedication to Game chat, and agreeing to be interviewed! I am going to ask you some questions regarding your experience at Game chat. Please answer as honestly as possible.

1. Tell us a little about yourself. What is your real name, where are you from, how old are you, and what are you studying?
I think the real name that really defines me is the one here, so I’m Raven. I’m 21 years old.I live in Bucharest (Romania), and I am a student at the Polytechnic University.

2. When and how did you discover xat Game chat?
I discovered a Game chat 3 months ago and by chance, but it struck me so much that I am now surprised in a pleasant way.

3. What about Game chat stands out to you?
Everything: discipline, communication, play, and amusement.

4. What is your favorite/funniest memory shared in Game chat if you have one?
For me, every day with staff is something memorable, but my favorite memory is shown in the Screenshot: the bot responds for the first time that I kiss myself.

5. What do you think of the contests hosted here? Do you have any suggestions on how they can be improved?
The contests are hosted in a very correct way, and are based on a perfectly elaborated regulation. The only thing I would add is changing the waiting time of the participants in the contests: Uno or Pokebot.

6. Do you have any new contest ideas for xat that you would like to share to the public as of now?
Not at the moment, but more details will follow in the near future.

7. What is your overall impression of Game chat?
It’s a good place to meet new people and make friends, but also for fun.

8. Overall, how well are you treated as both a staff member, and a regular user at Game chat?
In my view, we are all equal, even if we are guests, simple members, moderators, owners or main owner. There are no differences in behavior towards each other and that’s a great thing.

9. How long do you think you will stay active around Game chat?
I don’t have any date on when I’ll leave. But not soon!!!

10. Where do you see the future of Game chat?​​​​​​​
I do not have an exact answer to this question.

11. We have come to the end of this interview. Do you have any special message to end this interview?
Yeah, if you’re good at something and if you can help, do it. Just you are the change you expect, the work will be rewarded at some point. Be the best choice of yourself, and there’s something special in every sunset, sunshine, and your heart.

Thank you for the opportunity to be in Game staff, and for this interview.

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